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Excellent session for everyone! Thank you for sharing ways to manage stress both at the workplace and home anywhere.

- Elizabeth Blow
Deputy Training Officer - U.S. Coast Guard - U.S.A

I feel more energized. It is going to help me improve my job performance.

- - Anne Jorritsma
Learning Leader Europe - GE Plastics - Netherland

Excellent. The best workshop at the world conference of IFTDO (International Training and Development Organization).

- Zarina
Head HR - Abrar - Malaysia

Very informative and fun.

- Randy Brown
Training Professional - Lockeed Martin - U.S.A

I appreciate the tips provided and definitely see myself using them. Nikhil is a very inspirational speaker with good insights into human behaviours.

- - Veronica Waiyaki
HR Manager - Capital Markets Authority - Kenya

Excellent session by Nikhil Desai which made me feel alive and great!

- Faiza Jacobs
Staff Officer - SA Air Force - South Africa

Nikhil, you are a wonderful speaker, giving energy to the audience. Best Wishes!

- Daniel Ekman
Project Manager - Volvo Group - Sweden

Very beneficial and enjoyable workshop.

- - Kevin Downsworth
MD - First Position Performance Develpt - UK

I am feeling relaxed, fresh and energetic after the workshop. Very useful to release stress.

- Ahmad Imrat Samad
Executive - Training - Malaysia Airlines - Malaysia

A great experience for energizing not only myself but participating in such a worthwhile session. An excellent balance of exchanging knowledge & gaining practical exercises for lasting benefits. Thank you Nikhil!

- - Christine Marsh
Director - Prime Objectives - UK

It was great, very helpful & funny.

- Fathir Salihm
World Learning - Kosova

Thank for a wonderful session. I feel great after attending it will practice this regularly in the future.

- Noreen Armstrong
SAP - Ireland

I have suffered from stress related health issues for many years…anxiety attacks TMJ, sleeplessness and take more pills then I can name, trying to control them. I am looking forward to trying these exercises on a regular basis, as my job is very fast paced and stressful. I can see how I could fit them into my day, as they made me feel very relaxed and in control after this very useful session.

- Susan Martin
Park Hotel