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Middle East

Amazing session. The trainer, Nikhil Desai was leading the floor and I really benefited a lot. Looking forward to seeing him in other sessions. Thanks Mr. Nikhil!

- Nabil Abdulla Al Raisi
Head of Training - Bank Sohar - Oman

Great! Very good content, great presentation!

- Dr. Abdullah Al Homeadan
Vice President - Human Capital & Organizational Excellence - STC - Saudi Arabia

The workshop on work stress & time management was beyond my expectations. was a great insight into knowing our own self and analyzing how to our performance within the time allotted. It was a wonderful experience of learning thru joy.

- Vijanti Karani
Admin & Manager - Global Engg. Systems - Dubai

Really excellent training. The best workshop I ever attended.

- Saran KPK
Operation Manager - Arogas - Muscat

A wonderful and effective workshop strongly facilitated by Mr. Nikhil Desai. He is very professional and knowledgeable in the subject.
Strongly recommended for him to conduct future courses.

- Major Mohd Moosa Arif
Regional Manager - Emirates Security Services - Dubai

Wonderful Experience. Fascinating Clear thoughts. The depth of knowledge that Nikhil Desai is holding is mind blowing. We need more opportunities to share this ocean of knowledge that the speaker is having.

- Ranjoo Simon
Key Accounts Manager - Jotun Paints Co - Muscat

Very good. Opened up dormant thoughts, feelings, etc., that could help in personal and official life.
Many thanks, excellent session indeed!

- Subrashante R
HR Manager - Assetco PLC - Abu Dhabi

The session is very relevant and the presentation by Mr. Desai was also powerful. Look forward to attending more programs by him in future.

- Muhammed Hashir
Sr. Materials Engineer - Qatar

It’s been worthwhile attending this workshop. This program has enlightened me on stress management.
Moreover, Mr. Nikhil who has been very effective in creating a friendly atmosphere and providing a platform for all the participants to open up and share their views. A wonderful time investment!

- Sheeba Jennet
R Manager - Maritime Industrial Services - Dubai

- A Great learning experience
- Inspirational, inclusive & pragmatic
- Makes a real difference to our attitude & outlook.
- Truly privileged to attend this wonderful session by Nikhil Desai.

- Dr. Rajan Philips
Sr. ESL Lecturer - Intl. College of Engg. & Mgmt - Muscat

Nikhil, you are doing a great job. You are an outstanding presenter. Keep going.

- Aldossary E.
- Chairman - B.S.T.D - Bahrain

It is a very short & sweet program – well organized and well presented. The facilitator Mr. Nikhil Desai is practicing what he is preaching & that makes the program very credible. Several things have been learnt – stress busters, time wasters – these will be incorporated in daily life.
Two things will be definitely implemented –
- less stress
- more efficient time management.

- K. Muralidhar
Asst. General Manager - ETA PCS Switchgear - Dubai

Thank very much for a wonderful and exciting session. Nikhil Desai is an Excellent Motivational Speaker.

- Srikumar Pai
Civil Engineer - Ministry of Tourism - Muscat

I feel relaxed, energetic and cheerful. Thank you very much.

- Hala Galal
HR Head - Egyptian Banking Institute - Egypt

My thoughts, feelings & learnings after the workshop -

  • The realities & understanding of stress
  • The importance & real utilization of time
  • The outburst of energy which is built within us
  • Understanding the values of health and how it is helpful for self & organization
  • An excellent program conducted by Mr. Nikhil Desai. A marvelous trainer & guide!

- P. B. Ahmed Mohideen
Sr. Manager Plant - ETA Ascon - Dubai

Excellent, in future I would like attend more seminars conducted by you.

- Shaikhhasan Ali
Audit Officer - Moore Stephens - Muscat

I rate this as the best workshop I have attended so far. This workshop will enhance my way of work & approach towards my work.

- Balaji
Engineer Piping - Qatar

This program has triggered me to lead a quality life. It was a very good program by Mr. Nikhil Desai.

- C. S. Mukandan
Incharge H R - QASCO Dubai Steel - Dubai

The Program was really an eye opener. The stress & the ways to manage the stress were fantastic these ways were not only easy but require less time The ability of speaker Mr. Nikhil Desai to conduct an interactive program was simply great! We read a lot about stress & managing this stress but making it understood in a simple & convincing manner was really outstanding. The learnings from this session we are carrying with us will help us throughout our lives. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful program.

- Sarita Pagar
Asst. Manager - BPO Oman - Muscat

I love this program.
Actually this is the first seminar which I attend in my life time of 38 years without sleeping. That’s much interesting program to me.
God bless you, Mr. Nikhil Desai!

- Sankha Rajapaksa
Executive - Balaji Shipping - Dubai

I really feel very different. After your workshop I feel totally energized. This is great. Thank you very much Mr. Nikhil Desai.

- Waheed Zainab
Counsellor - HR Department - Amex - Bahrain