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Welcome to The Centre For Excellence

We all agree that the human resource is the greatest asset of an organization. It is far more important than capital, material or machines. In today's competitive environment every company is looking for ways to enhance the quality of the human capital so as to improve their productivity and ultimately boost the company's bottom line. The aim is to have the foundation of TQP - Total Quality People.

Our name… The Centre For Excellence… is our guarantee of Excellence!

We are committed to enhancing productivity through international quality training programs. The Centre For Excellence has 1200+ Corporate Clients in 100+ cities of the world.

From the Board of Directors to Junior Officers, from Fortune 500 Companies to Small & Medium Enterprises, all participants and organizations find our workshops to be user-friendly, user-relevant & user-urgent.

One of the participants from Johnson & Johnson commented that our workshops are SAP….. Simple, Actionable & Practical.


We are happy to inform you that Nikhil Desai received a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at the WORLD HRD CONGRESS for his work in training and motivational speaking for more than 28 years in 100+ cities of the world. Delegates from a very large number of countries from all over the world attended this conference.
Nikhil Desai presented his flagship program at the World HR Summit recently. All the delegates found his program to be the best of the Summit.

Establish motivation for continuous improvement

Vision & Passion

Have a workforce with vision & passion

Time Management

Improve productive utilization of time

Team Spirit

Enhance team spirit and morale

Upcoming Open Programs

Sr. No. Date Program Name
1. Saturday, Sept 5, 2020 Art Of Leadership
2. Friday, Sept 11, 2020 Achieving Excellence Thru Stress Management®
3. Saturday, Sept 12, 2020 Excellence In Customer Care
4. Saturday, Sept 19, 2020 Conflict Management
5. Friday, Sept 25, 2020 Unleashing The Potential In You & Your Organization In Turbulent Times™
6. Saturday, Oct 3, 2020 Mastering Time Management
7. Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 Effective Presentation Skills
8. Saturday, Oct 17, 2020 Successful Selling Skills
9. Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 Doubling Your Productivity Working From Home
10. Saturday, Oct 31, 2020 Excellence In Communication Skills




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Testimonials From All Over The World

This program has triggered me to lead a quality life. It was a very good program by Mr. Nikhil Desai.
- C. S. Mukandan Incharge H R - QASCO Dubai Steel - Dubai

Testimonials From All Over The World

Nikhil, you are doing a great job. You are an outstanding presenter. Keep going.
- Aldossary E. - Chairman - B.S.T.D - Bahrain

Testimonials From All Over The World

Wonderful Experience. Fascinating Clear thoughts. The depth of knowledge that Nikhil Desai is holding is mind blowing. We need more opportunities to share this ocean of knowledge that the speaker is having.
- Ranjoo Simon Key Accounts Manager - Jotun Paints Co - Muscat

Testimonials From All Over The World

Great! Very good content, great presentation!
- Dr. Abdullah Al Homeadan Vice President - Human Capital & Organizational Excellence - STC - Saudi Arabia

Testimonials From All Over The World

Thank for a wonderful session. I feel great after attending it will practice this regularly in the future.
- Noreen Armstrong SAP - Ireland

Testimonials From All Over The World

A great experience for energizing not only myself but participating in such a worthwhile session. An excellent balance of exchanging knowledge & gaining practical exercises for lasting benefits. Thank you Nikhil!
Christine Marsh Director - Prime Objectives - UK

Testimonials From All Over The World

Excellent session by Nikhil Desai which made me feel alive and great!
Faiza Jacobs Staff Officer - SA Air Force - South Africa

Testimonials From All Over The World

Excellent presentation ! Nikhil is a charming ,very knowledgeable , inspiring & motivating speaker. The energy of his performance had surely influenced the whole audience in a very positive way. I will definitely recommend him for training.
Daniela Sfeir Sr. B D Manager - London Business School

Testimonials From All Over The World

Great Insights, Excellent Facilitation, Deep Wisdom and Lots of Fun!
Juan Pablo YESP - Sweden

Testimonials From All Over The World

Dear Nikhil, Trueventus would like to thank you for participating at the HR Grand Prix conference last week as speaker of the day. Your involvement is not only highly appreciated by us but also the other attendees. Your session - In Pursuit of Excellence - Unleashing The Potential in Yourself & Your Organisation at the HR Grand Prix in Malaysia was rated No.1 amongst all speakers* by the participants on all the 3 evaluation parameters:- 1. Course Presentation 2. Presentation Style 3. Practicality and Usefulness of Content - Elizabeth Blow
Mac Ambrose Conference Production Manager - Malaysia

Testimonials From All Over The World

I feel more energized. It is going to help me improve my job performance.
Anne Jorritsma Learning Leader Europe GE Plastics – Netherlands

Testimonials From All Over The World

Excellent. The best workshop at the world conference of IFTDO (International Training and Development Organization).
Zarina Head HR Abrar - Malaysia

Testimonials From All Over The World

Very interesting. I have really benefited from this workshop. Thanks Nikhil for the interesting and enjoyable session. Well organized & well done.
Patricia Fong HR Pricewaterhouse Coopers - Singapore

Testimonials From All Over The World

Excellent session for everyone! Thank you for sharing ways to manage stress both at the workplace and home anywhere.
Elizabeth Blow Deputy Training Officer U.S. Coast Guard - U.S.A

Testimonials From All Over The World

It was really amazing, in terms of conducting the course. Mr. Desai was wonderful. Learned a lot and strongly recommend others to join the same.
- Aman Dalal Asst. Manager - Standard Chartered Bank